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May 2014

In April George Jose was the recipient of the Franklin B. Walter award.  This award was created to honor the top student in each county of the state of Ohio.  George then had the opportunity to travel to Columbus and be honored with the other 87 recipients at a banquet.  We are very proud of George as well as the rest of the graduating class of 2014.

Mr. Pepple’s advanced physics class has been working together with Husky Refinery.  Our students had the opportunity to travel to Husky Refinery and take a tour.  Husky also sent a representative to the school to teach the students about what they do and all the different job opportunities that are offered at Husky.  Finally, our students worked in groups to create a presentation that they presented at Husky to a group of their employees.  This is the second year that Mr. Pepple has worked with Husky for this project and it has been a wonderful opportunity for our kids. They have been exposed to real life opportunities that might open doors for them in the future.  I want to thank Mr. Pepple for taking the time to organize this opportunity for our students. 

Our high school students along with a few elementary and middle school students performed “The Music Man” on April 11th thru 13th.   After watching this performance it’s hard to believe it was being performed by high school students because everything was so professionally done.  We are so blessed to have such talented students and the facilities that give them the opportunity to use this talent.  I would like to thank Mr. Smith and Ms. Barger for all their hard work with directing the play.  I would also like to thank everyone who volunteered countless hours towards making the play so successful. 

I also want to thank Mrs. Temple and Mrs. Wheeler for organizing our Art Show on April 11th thru 13th.  The Art Show included all the work of our students.  This included drawing, painting, sculpture, and other works of art.  It is remarkable at how talented our students are with these different disciplines of art. 

Mr. Scott Minnig, Principal


May 29, 2014

Juniors taking Dual Enrollment Senior English next year must attend a meeting on Thursday at either 7:30 am or 2:55 pm in Mrs. Temple's room B213 to pick up their summer reading assignments.

There will be a drama club meeting after announcements during redskin resource this Thursday to discuss plans for summer activities.

Attention studnets, you are all invited to see motivational speaker and peak performance expert, Mr Bruce Boguski, on Tuesday June 3 at 9am in the Performing Arts Center.  Mr. Boguski is a leader in getting athletes to perform at their highest levels through strategies and techniques design to improve performance.

The tennis awards program will be tonight at 7 pm in the library

Any student signed up for Junior English must pick up the MANDATORY summer assignment from Mrs. Horman.  You are already late.  The meeting was Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Congratulations Coach Cook on your retirement.  You will be truly missed here at WHS.  You have been a great teacher, coach, and co-worker.  Enjoy your retirement!

Congratulations to Hilary Bourne for placing 5th in the Regional Meet in Amherst last night.  Also, congratulations for Sam Hinegardner for a solid performance at the Regional Meet as well.  Best of luck to Hilary, Megan Watt, Allie Zofkie, Will Hinegardner, and Sam Harrod at the Regional Meet on Friday in Amherst.

All AP Psychology students for the 2014-2015 school year must attend a meeting in Mr. Stiger's room Monday before exams regarding the summer project.  The meeting will begin at 7:30am in B227 and last for 15 minutes.  If you cannot make that meeting time, a second meeting will be held after school on Monday at 2:50 and will last for 15 minutes.



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